We would love to assist you in any way we can, making everything as easy as possible. 

Therefore, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to address your concerns.

If none of these addresses your concerns, feel free to contact us.

1. Do You Provide All The Services As Shown On The Website?

Yes, we do. Since we’re an authorized agent under Allianz Insurance, we are the platform to bridge the connection from you to them.


2. What Makes Allianz Different Than Other Companies?

As one of the leading general insurers in Malaysia, Allianz offers a broad range of services to cater to various needs. Allianz also plays a big role in being a responsible corporate citizen with their various community programs and participation in community outreach programs. They aim to be the most reliable partner, always delivering in moments of truth and providing insurance solutions from A-Z with customer focus, integrity, high-performance culture, open communication and social responsibility.


3. How Should I Proceed if I Have Absolutely No Idea About Insurance But I’m Interested In Getting It?

Do get it in touch with us so that we can help you out. We help tailor your insurance to your needs.


4. Can I Renew My Insurance If I'm Staying In Sabah or Sarawak?

Yes, of course! You can renew your insurance wherever you stay in Malaysia.


5. How Do I Upload The Documents for Online Renewal?

There are a few steps that you can take:

  • Take a picture of the documents with your phone. Do make sure that it is clear and readable so that your renewal is seamless.

  • You can upload those documents through our platform or send it to us via email (do include your name, contact number and insurance expiry date) or WhatsApp us directly to 019-211 9328.

  • Scan and fax your documents to us. Do notify us if you would like to send it via fax.



6. How Do I Proceed Once I Submit All The Documents For Online Renewal?

We will get in touch with you immediately (during Business Hours) for confirmation.


7. How Do I Get Hold Of My Car Registration Card and Previous Cover Note?

You should already have a copy of your registration card.

Whereas, your previous cover note can, and should be taken from your past agent/insurance company.


8. Why Must I Submit My Registration Card and Previous Cover Note?

The company needs relevant details in order to process your renewal and those details are only found on the registration card and the previous cover note.


9. Are My Personal Details Protected?

Yes, all your information is private and confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Allianz.


10. Is Your Insurance Premium Cheaper?

The rate of premium is governed by Bank Negara, thus, there is no difference to the premium rate. Though, there are possible differences in excess or loading, which is subjected to conditions and discretion imposed by the insurance company. However, our company assures you the best of service.

11. May I Know The Policy Coverage and Benefits from Allianz Motor Comprehensive Cover?

Sure! We highly encourage you to read it up to have a better understanding of it. Click on which is relevant. 

12. Do You Provide Any Emergency Roadside Assistance? How Can I Reach Them?

Yes, it is Allianz 24h Free Tow-Service. It is available 24 hours a day for 365 days that can be reached at 1300-88-1028



13. What Benefits Do I Get By Renewing With Allianz General Insurance?

You will enjoy 24 Hours Roadside Assistance, reminder services from yours truly, immediate online cover note issuance and fast claim service.



14. Do You Cover All Types of Vehicles?

Allianz Insurance only covers private and company registered cars only.



15. Do You Accept All Car Models?

It is subjected to Allianz’s High Risk Theft Vehicle (HRTV) policy and it changes from time to time without any further notice.

However, do send in the required documents and we will try our best to help you out.



16. How Much Should I Insure My Vehicle For?

You are advised to cover your car based on Allianz’s agreed value at the time of renewal.

  • If your car is under-insured (insured for a sum less than its Allianz agreed value) at the time of any loss of damage, the Average Clause in the policy will apply when the insurance company settles your car insurance claims. You shall bear the difference and the rate-able portion of the loss when the market value of your car at the time of loss exceeds the insured value. For example, if your car is under-insured by 20% than its market value, the insurance company will compensate you 20% less for each claim.

  • If your car is over-insured (insured for a sum more than its Allianz agreed value) at the time of any loss of damage, the insurance company will settle your claims enough to cover the loss incurred up to the market value of your car. If you have over-insured your vehicle, you would have paid higher but unnecessary premiums.



17. What Should I Do When I Meet With An Accident?

  • Notify Allianz by immediately calling Roadside Assistance (Toll-Free) 1-800-22-5542 or (Land-Line) +603 2161 3960 if you require any towing services to Allianz-approved panel workshop only.

  • If a third party vehicle is involved, note the registration number of the vehicle, nature of damage sustained and the insurer concerned.

  • If the third party is injured, note the injuries suffered and if possible, get their personal details such as name, age, contact address, telephone number, etc.

  • Lodge a police report within 24 hours and send your insured vehicle to our approved panel workshop.

  • Should you need claim advice and guidance, please contact Allianz customer service (Toll-Free) 1-300-22-5542 or (Land-Line) +603 2264 0700 or your nearest Allianz branch.



18. How Do I Get My Car Repaired After An Accident?

You may send your car to any of Allianz approved panel workshop nationwide. Allianz approved panel workshop will undertake the arrangements for repair work.



19. Do I Need To Inform Allianz Of Any Changes Of Engine To My Car?

Yes, as it may change the risk exposure and premium amount charged.



20. How Many Named Drivers Can Be Included In The Insurance Coverage?

You can name two drivers (you and another) for free. However, you may also name four (4) additional drivers under your motor insurance for a small charge of RM10 per person.



21. What Is Loading?

Loading is an additional surcharge imposed on the basic premium rate to cover high-risk exposure.

Some examples of risk factors for loading are driver age / named drivers’ age, age of the vehicle, claim experience, high performance/sports car.



22. What Is An Excess?

It is the first amount of claim borne by insured.

For example, if the insured total claim amount is RM2,000 and you have an excess of RM500 on your motor insurance, Allianz will settle the remaining amount of  RM1,500 and the insured will have to pay the balance of RM500 before the workshop releases your vehicle.



23. What Is The Compulsory Excess For My Car?

You will be charged a compulsory excess of RM400 as stated under endorsement 2F of the Schedule if you allow your car to be driven by the following:

  • who is under the Age of 21 years

  • who is the holder of a Provisional (L) driving license

  • who is the holder of a Full driving license of fewer than 2 years

  • who is not named in the Schedule

  • named in the Schedule who is less than the age of 21 years and/or the holder of a provisional (L) driving license and/or the holder of a Full driving license of less than 2 years.



24. How Do I Check On The Status Of My Claim?

You can check it HERE or you can contact us  and we will help you out.



25. I've Emailed You But I've Yet To Receive My Confirmation. What Should I Do?

We're sorry. That could happen in the event of technical difficulties. However, you can notify us by giving us a call or sending us a message / WhatsApp at 019 - 211 9328 


26. How Long Will My Claim Take To Process?

  • For accidental damage, less than RM5,000, Allianz’s panel workshop can immediately commence repair work without an adjuster assessment.

  • If the cost of repair is more than RM5,000, Allianz will send an adjuster to assess the damage within 48 hours. Once the assessment is done, the workshop will immediately start the repair work.

  • For other types of claim, Allianz aims to settle the claim within 10 working days once complete documentation has been obtained. Please call Allianz customer service for more details at 1300-22-5542.

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