Smart home cover

In owning a home, peace of mind comes first.


Your home is a long-term investment and an exciting one too. It's your pad, your roost. While you immerse yourself in the more important decisions such as the colour of the walls and the types of furniture to go with it, let Allianz ensure that no matter what happens throughout your loan tenure, your house remains yours.


What is Smart Home Cover?

Smart Home Cover offers you the freedom to choose and customise your own home insurance based on your needs and wants, thus, helping you save more on your premiums!

It consists of 5 components: HouseOwner (Building), HouseHolder (Content), Mortgage Loan Installment Protection, HomeFix and Landlord Insurance.


  • Covers your residential building including fixtures, fittings, garages, walls, gates and fences around the house.

  • Covers your household contents and personal effects which belong to you or members of your family. You may choose to insure on a:
    Full value basis which protects all the household contents in the building.
    First loss basis which protects the household contents by selecting from three different plans.

  • Covers your monthly loan instalment in the event that your house is deemed temporarily uninhabitable due to insured events or evacuation by local authority exceeding 72 hours or the insured suffers accidental death or total permanent disablement.

  • Covers the repair of burst pipe, repair or temporary repair of doors, locks and windows, domestic help allowance and home repair or service via Allianz partners ( & ServisHero).

  • Covers malicious damage by tenant and tenant runaway. Allianz will also bear the legal fee of issuing a letter of demand for rent past due.


A house is filled with things; a home is filled with memories and memorabilia that are priceless.

It’s also filled with your favourite things that you’ve chosen with care. Sadly they can be destroyed in a second by fire, unwanted incidents or more. 

Allianz Homeguard Insurance Policy lets you sleep soundly knowing that your household contents and personal effects are protected by Allianz.

It guards your home from damages caused by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft damage, impact damage, bursting or overflowing of water tanks or pipes and more.


With the Allianz Homeguard Insurance Policy, you will be covered in two sections for:

Section 1 - Content

  • Loss or damage to contents

  • Breakage of mirrors (up to RM 500) 

  • Fire Brigade (up to RM 500) 

  • Cash (up to RM 500) 

  • Replacement of external locks (up to RM 500) 

  • Frozen and perishable food (up to RM 500) 

  • Servant & Guest Personal Effects (up to RM 250) 

  • Removal of Debris (5% of Sum Insured) 


Section 2 – Other Contingencies 

  • Liability to third party

  • Personal Accident cover

Allianz Homeguard Insurance Policy is an annually renewable Policy.

houseowner/ householder

A home is just a house until you own it. 

The process of owning a house takes a long time but it’s an amazing feeling to have your own place to call home. However, owning a property has its own risk as accidents can happen at the most unexpected moment. Your house is at risk of fire, lightning, floods, vehicle damage and more. 

While we can take the necessary precautions to keep your home safe, homes have high risks and you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Allianz’s Houseowner Insurance Policy protects your residential home from loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosions, flood, burst pipe and more. 


With the ALLIANZ Houseowner Insurance Policy, you will receive coverage for the:

  • Fire, lightning and domestic explosion

  • Damages caused by aircraft and impact by vehicles or animals

  • Bursting or overflowing of water tanks or pipes

  • Theft and burglary

  • Flood, hurricane, typhoon, windstorm

  • Loss of rent

  • Public liability

Allianz Houseowner Insurance Policy is an annually renewable Policy.

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